Ruby Tuesday Going All Digital Ads

This is something I keep talking to people about and it always seems like no one in traditional media is listening.  It reminds me of the slow death of newspapers and magazines.  Monetization of ads is about to shift big time.


Photo by: Mike Mozart
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Why Matt Groening + Netflix Is Important

If you haven’t read the news that Netflix is reportedly making an animated Matt Groening show – this is huge.  It’s huge for Netflix – assuming Matt Groening has chosen to not partner with Fox, who has a proven (albeit currently traditional) distribution network, and greenlit / fostered both of his past hit shows. 


Photo by Gage Skidmore

With this, Netflix will be getting some original, high quality, primetime animation content – something Netflix is missing currently.  It’s huge for the animation industry – likely getting its first big hit digital distribution platform animated show.  It is also huge for Matt Groening.  This could give him a running start at making the first animated primetime hit for the digital distribution era.

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Is Justice League Action the End of an Era?


Fan response has been mixed but positive in reaction to the announcement of an animated Justice League making a return to tv.  Warner Bros is also bringing back some of the original voice talent like Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (fan favorites from the old series).  The style (based on the one PR image) appears to be an updated and younger version of the Bruce Timm version of the characters, and they even have some veteran action animation producers attached the project.  Everything here should make fans happy, except one small detail…

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