Cartoon Network – Apple & Onion

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Apple & Onion is a very funny and heartwarming animated short / pilot I produced on for Cartoon Network Studios with creator George Gendi last year.  Finally this super secret animation was released into the wild online and now you can watch it millions of times!

It’s about two friends, Apple and Onion who are just trying to be good guys and figure out how they fit into the world, but they are clearly out of place in the big city.  Everyone in the world of Apple and Onion are different types of food – I never asked George why, it just kind of works.

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Apple & Onion probably had one of my favorite casts from all the pilots / shorts we did at Cartoon Network – Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd), Paul Scheer (The League, Children’s Hospital), Eugene Mirman (Flight of the Concords, Bob’s Burgers), Tascha Ames (Switched at Birth), Kevin Michael Richardson (Cleveland Show and almost every other cartoon), and George Gendi.  We would not have had that amazing group without the incredible Linda Lamontagne (Family Guy, Robot Chicken) casting it – she was awesome.

We produced all the animation on this short in Burbank with our Flash animation team at Cartoon Network Studios.  George flew out to Los Angeles from London maybe 2 or 3 times during production to oversee and collaborate on different parts of the process.  We actually had him directing the voice record and calling retakes remotely over Skype (not ideal, but it worked).

I will try to hit up George so we can talk about some behind the scenes and process on this short in another post, but in the meantime, enjoy.

Author: Nate Funaro

Animation producer / dog rescuer / cocktail maker based in Los Angeles

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